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    There never is a question when a woman loves you. She shows it in every way, every day, when she smiles at you, touches you, looks at you, hugs you, kisses you. She is the purest physical, emotional, spiritual manifestation of what love truly is. When a woman loves you, she envelopes you in her aura, and the feeling you get is intoxicating. She makes you feel so, so so good. That is manifested in scenes showing we don't always know how to cope with the information available.



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California, United States, California, United States

From September 2004 to June 2019
Command and General Staff School (CGSS) provides Intermediate Level Education (ILE) for United States Army and sister service officers, interagency representatives, and international military officers.[3] ILE is a ten-month graduate-level program; the curriculum includes instruction on leadership...
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From September 2004 to 2019
Two best friends fall in love with a pair of women, but the relationships soon go in very different directions. Occasionally, as in a cryptic sketch about a woman flummoxed by a multilingual waiter who knows endless words for "table", it is very funny. But what I detect in Churchill is a deep...
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